Thursday, January 07, 2010

My Top Eleven Video Game Soundtracks Part 3

#7. Final Fantasy (I & VI)

Welcome to the first franchise selection, where I pick more than one game from the same series as a sort of tie. Picking Final Fantasy opens up several cans of worms, none so large as the issue of it being an RPG. The problem with addressing RPGs is, were this a top eleven best game soundtracks, it could be filled with nothing but RPGs. Seriously, while many games from other genres incorporate professional composers to score them, since nearly day one RPGs have taken their music very seriously. There are hundreds if not thousands of of RPGs throughout the consoles that have utterly breathtaking scores, from full orchestral numbers to eloquent piano pieces. So, why not Breath of Fire or the often prised Chrono Trigger or the very underrated Lufia series???


I'm not making a top eleven RPG Soundtrack list!!! It's a certain style, and I like it, but it's not everything game music has to offer. Overrated or undisputed, Final Fantasy is the series I played the most and loved the most (though Lufia 2 is really amazing and I highly recommend it). Its scope set the bar for other RPGs. It's tunes are the most instantly recognizable for me of any from the genre. The first game is classic. As for VI (released as III on the SNES in the states) it is my favorite from the series, and in my opinion the peak (I haven't been able to really get into another title until XII, although I must admit IX and X weren't really given a chance, and as sacrilegious as it is, I'm not a VII head). Kafka's theme (3:11) and even the silly Opera piece (4:47) are some of the greatest moments in an overall great series.


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