Saturday, January 02, 2010

Upcoming Stuff (Hopefully)

Job hunting and holiday festivities have made this blog's already low priority for me even lower of late, but I do hope to write more in the near future. Like many film geeks, yes, I am putting together a top five/ten/twenty films list of some sort. I'm hoping to do a variation on a top ten horror movies of the decade, but several problems have arisen that have delayed it. Most pressing of which is that there are at least six films from this decade that I as of yet have not gotten around to seeing and feel I should at least consider before releasing a list. These films being Antichrist, Thirst, They Came Back, Paranormal Activity, The Collector and Martyrs (which in particular I'm not looking forward to). Love them or hate them, each has made enough of a stir that I can't help but look them over. Beyond these I've been grappling with exactly what I mean by top-ten (or twenty as it may prove to be) and even by 'horror'. I'll expound on these dilemmas more as I approach them.

Beyond that I have a few preponderances about internet and film culture in a similar vein to my recent writings as well as a few thoughts about local cultural happenings. This blog will continue to be slow and ragged in its output. I just finished a rough draft of my second play and am showing the first to friends. Theater and job hunting are simply where my time are right now. And I'll confess the box sets of Bergman and Val Lewton films are not helping one bit either.

Happy New Year!


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