Sunday, March 11, 2012

I have a new blog!

For anyone still poking this old blog hoping some new madness will scurry out of it... I'm sad to say that is not likely. However, I have a new blog you might be interested in. It's Never Loud Enough.

This blog is largely to be a kind of art portfolio, covering my musical/sonic and film experiments. I will occasionally write articles if inspired and almost certainly post Vlogs now and again. It will also chronicle my involvement in theater with my wife, Anna Lien and her new local theater company, Gorilla Theater Productions.

So come on by and enjoy the madness!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Phil DeSilva. I've been conducting genealogical research on Banfield Capron and his descendants for over 40 years. My mother, Margaret (Peggy) Capron Jones, is a descendant and hence my interest in the surname.

I've compiled a database of over 40,000 probable descendants of Banfield which you can view at: Connecting Capron Cousins

I would love to exchange information with you about your ancestry.

Thank you,

Phil DeSilva

12:08 PM  

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